Pass for iOS - an iOS client compatible with Pass command line application.

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Pass is an iOS client compatible with ZX2C4’s Pass command line application. It is a password manager using GPG for encryption and Git for version control.

Pass for iOS is available in App Store with the name “Pass - Password Store”, and both iPhone and iPad are supported.

Download on the App Store

You can also help us test beta versions through TestFlight.




For more, please read the wiki page.

Building Pass for iOS

  1. Install libtool, automake, cmake, carthage, cocoapods, and go: brew install libtool automake cmake carthage cocoapods go@1.14 swiftlint swiftformat. At the moment, the project does not build with current version of go (1.15). Use 1.14
  2. Install dependencies via Carthage in the project root directory: ./scripts/wcarthage update then ./scripts/wcarthage bootstrap --platform iOS. This may take some time.
  3. Run ./scripts/ to build go dependencies.
  4. Install dependencies via CocoaPods in the project root directory: pod install.
  5. Open the pass.xcworkspace file in Xcode.
  6. Build & Run.